On a Sclerotinia hitherto unknown and injurious to the cultivation of tobacco,

(Sclerotinia nicotianae Oud. et Koning) by Oudemans, Cornelis Antoon Jan Abraham, 1825-1906 in Amsterdam

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  • Sclerotinia nicotianae

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StatementBy Prof. C.A.J.A. Oudemans and Mr. C.J. Koning
ContributionsKoning, C. J.
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an account of the english colony in new south wales: with remarks on the dispositions, customs, manners, etc. of the native inhabitants of that country. to which are added, some particulars of new zealand; compiled, by permission, from the mss. of lieutenant-governor king. by david collins, esquire, late judge advocate and secretary of the colony. diseases Sentence Examples. unknown to medicine--not a disease of the lungs, liver, skin, heart, nerves, and so on mentioned in medical books, but a disease consisting of one of the innumerable combinations of the maladies of those organs. ; Hartig, Text-Book of . Then in was delivered his speech in "The Parson's Cause" - a suit brought by a clergyman, Rev. James Maury, in the Hanover County Court, to secure restitution for money considered by him to be due on account of his salary (16, pounds of tobacco by law) having been paid in money calculated at a rate less than the current market price of. The medicinal and poisonous plants of Southern Africa and Eastern Africa: being an account of their medicinal and other uses, chemical composition, pharmacological effects and toxicology in man and animal. 2. Edition. by Watt, John Mitchell; Breyer-Brandwijk, Maria G. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at brightebook.icu

In the light of such an impressive literature, the appearance of a score, if not a half a hundred, brief essays hitherto unknown except to scholars ought to be high priority reading for political leaders and for those who make analysis and criticism of government a prime concern. The Negroes of Farmville, Virginia: A Social Study by W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt) Du Bois from Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, Nos. 1 - , January Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, No. 14, Volume III. The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs & Trees with Their Modern Scientific Uses) "There is not one page of this enchanting book which does not contain something to interest . Edition used: Jack P. Greene, Exploring the Bounds of Liberty: Political Writings of Colonial British America from the Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution. Edited and with an Introduction by Jack P. Greene and Craig B. Yirush. Latin translations by Kathleen Alvis (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, ). Vol. 3 ().

Hitherto our master had not offered to sell any of us, and had even refused to stop to talk to any one on the subject of our sale, although he had several times been addressed on this point, before we reached Lancaster; but soon after we departed from this village, we were overtaken on the road by a man on horseback, who accosted our driver by. Growing plants from seed under fully controlled environmental conditions can reduce this source of variation. d Wound Responses Metabolic changes, which begin as soon as healthy tissue is excised, alter the rate of uptake of isotopically labeled metabolites (Pratt and Matthews, ) and the pathways concerned with respiration (Macnicol, ). What a contrast is here to the independent situation and manly sentiments of American citizens, who live on their own soil, or whose labour is necessary to its cultivation, or who are occupied in supplying wants, which being founded in solid utility, in comfortable accommodation, or in settled habits, produce a reciprocity of dependence, at.

On a Sclerotinia hitherto unknown and injurious to the cultivation of tobacco, by Oudemans, Cornelis Antoon Jan Abraham, 1825-1906 Download PDF EPUB FB2

On a Sclerotinia hitherto unknown and injurious to the Cultivation of Tobacco (Sclerotinia Nicotianae Oudemans en Koning) Koning, C. J.; Oudemans, C. Abstract. Not Available. Publication: Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen Proceedings Author: C. Koning, C. Oudemans.

"On a Sclerotinia hitherto unknown and injurious to the cultivation of tobacco," (Postscript). By Cornelis Antoon Jan Abraham Oudemans and C. Koning. Abstract "Reprinted from: Proceedings of the meeting of Saturday June 27, "brightebook.icu of access: Internet.

Background Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary is a necrotrophic fungal pathogen which causes disease in a wide range of plants. Sep 23,  · Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary is a necrotrophic fungal pathogen which causes disease in a wide range of plants. An observed decrease in photosynthetic performance is the primary reason for the reduction of crop yield induced by S.

brightebook.icu by: 8. INTERPRETATION IN HISTORY. shall maintain that there can be no "proper history" without the pre- supposition of a full-blown "metahistory" by which to justify those. Protection of the crop is of major importance when growing gerbera plants.

First, focus on prevention of diseases and insect pests so that they do not have the chance to develop. The major pests (whitefly, aphid, leaf miner, thrips, mites), diseases (powdery mildew, collar rot, root rot, stem rot, leaf spot).

The tomato spotted wilt virus has been detected in 25 flower species. Of them, 21 are new hosts for the country. Physostegia obtusifolia (Labiate) is a hitherto new TSWV host. However, the effect of I. javanica pf on plant growth is unknown. Enhanced tobacco growth was observed when tobacco roots were exposed to spores, cultures, and fungal cell-free culture.

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foreign by white blood cells and stimulate the production of specific antibodies generally are extracted from plants. some important examples are nicotine and nicotinoid alkaloids from tobacco, and pyrethrum. all. Democracy In America Alexis de Tocqueville Chapter II: Origin Of The Anglo-Americans – Part I Chapter Summary.

Utility of knowing the origin of nations in order to understand their social condition and their laws – America the only country in which the starting-point of a great people has been clearly observable – In what respects all who emigrated to British America were similar.

or, The Devils A Novel In Three Parts By Fyodor Dostoevsky Translated From The Russian By Constance Garnett with both hands propped on his cane and an open book beside him, musing poetically over the setting sun. In regard to books I may remark that he came in later years rather to avoid reading.

hitherto I have only loved you, but now. Powdery mildew fungi belong to the ascomycete fungi, in the order of Erysiphales with only one family, the Erysiphaceae (Huckelhoven, ). They are further subdivided into five tribes (Erysipheae, Golovinomycetinae, Cystotheceae, Phyllactinieae, Blumerieae) and further sub-tribes.

And in colonial Virginia history there is a key, which though it may not explain all, opens the door to much that is fundamental. This key is tobacco.

The old saying that the story of Virginia is but the story of tobacco is by no means a gross exaggeration.

Sep 10,  · Early History of Tobacco — Cultivation by Spaniards at St. Domingo — Annual Product of Cuba — Amount of Land under Cultivation in U.S. — Cultivation in the South — Annual Product of Europe, Asia and Africa — Government Monopoly — Source of Revenue — Manufacture of Cigarettes — Increase of Tobacco Culture CHAPTER I.

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The Diseases of the U. States, with Their Symptoms, Causes, and Means of Prevention, are Treated on in a Satisfactory Manner. It Also Contains a Description of a Variety of Herbs and Roots. May 15,  · A Modern Herbal (Volume 1, A-H): The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs & Trees with Their Modern Scientific Uses [Margaret Grieve] on brightebook.icu *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

There is not one page of this enchanting book which does not contain something to interest the common reader as /5(93). Since the s, however, there has been an increase of opposition to tobacco use. Health authorities warn of the dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco, and nonsmokers object to secondhand smoke — because of both the smell and the health dangers of breathing smoke from other people's cigarettes.

Sclerotinia stem rot occurs sporadically in Australian canola and is caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary. During the canola flowering period ofcanola was surveyed throughout New South Wales for the incidence of Sclerotinia species on brightebook.icu by: 8.

A Modern Herbal: The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-lore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs, & Trees with All Their Modern Scientific Uses, Volume 1 A Modern Herbal: The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-lore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs, & Trees with All /5(1).

The cultivated vegetable production in the field, are maize or Indian corn, wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, rye for horse feed and distilleries, tobacco, cotton, hemp, flax, the castor bean, and every other production common to the middle states.

Maize is a staple production. journals of two expeditions of discovery in north-west and western australia, during the years, andunder the authority of her majesty's government. describing many newly discovered, important, and fertile districts, with observations on the moral and physical condition of the aboriginal inhabitants, etc.

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Really, the book is as much a volume of suggestion for the mother, to which she can refer her daughter, as a text for the child. There is very keen interest in taste in recent years, among young people as well as parents, and the elements hitherto lacking have been (1).

The poor people, thus driven from their homes, fell into misery; and the burdens became quite unbearable to the remaining villeins, for they were expected by the landed proprietor to cultivate those former holdings, whose possessors had hitherto by their labour assisted in the cultivation.

The Descent of Man, “Chapter 7: On the Races of Man” The nature of these differences is unknown, but they relate more especially to the reproductive system, and much less so to external.

The existence, a few miles beyond the Nepalese frontier, of an inscribed pillar had been known for some years when, inthe discovery of another inscribed pillar at Nigliva, near by, led to the belief that this other, hitherto neglected, one must also be an Asoka pillar.

discovered that they could return to Europe by sailing northwesterly from the African coast toward the Azores, where the prevailing westward breezes would carry them home; their mariners began to creep down the West African coast in the middle of the 15th century; they set up trading posts along the African shore for the purchase of gold & slaves - they built up their own systematic traffic in.

Experience with epidemics, dearly bought in the past, has shown that one fruitful cause is the laying open to the inroads of some Fungus or insect, hitherto leading a quiet endemic life in the fields and forests, large tracts of its special food, along which it may range rampant without check to its dispersal, nutrition and reproduction.

It is a frequent escape from cultivation, multiplying from seed distributed by birds or human agencies or growing from suckers which spring so freely from the roots as to make the species unfit for a stock in orchard work. The number of cultivated varieties of Prunus cerasus listed in The Cherries of New York is Sour Cherries cultivated.

Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian explorer, navigator and cartographer who first demonstrated that Brazil and the West Indies did not represent Asia's eastern outskirts as initially conjectured from Columbus' voyages, but instead constituted an entirely separate landmass hitherto unknown to Europeans.It is a production of God, and a production of something out of nothing, not an emanation from Him.

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